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About us
Portotecnica, a division of IPC, was set up in 1977 to produce professional high pressure washers, immediately making a name for itself for the excellence of its quality and research into pioneering features. It subsequently expanded its range of machines and skills to satisfy all requirements in the semi-professional, professional and industrial cleaning sectors.

Today all IPC Portotecnica’s activities are characterised by the company’s ability to cover the entire sector, with a diversified range of machines to satisfy the requirements of an ever more demanding market.

Technical experience, meticulous design, efficient before and after sales service and an extensive highly professional distribution network operating in 70 countries, provide customers with complete and targeted products.

The prestigious GS TUV, GOST certifications represent formal recognition of the quality and reliability of the IPC Portotecnica organisation andproducts. IPC Portotecnica is UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certified.