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The range of IPC Portotecnica products includes dry vacuum cleaners, wet vacuum cleaners and carpet washers.
With IPC Portotecnica carpet washers, the water and detergent are atomised on the surface and immediately reabsorbed through the nozzle. The dirt is therefore dissolved and eliminated with a single passage. IPC Portotecnica carpet washers are extremely flexible, perfect for car washes, bodywork workshops, garages, cleaning firms, hospitals, laboratories, food companies, etc.
ERGONOMICS: Care is taken over even the smallest detail of the machines to ensure even the most demanding customer is satisfied. One example is the remote controlled vacuum cleaner. If connected to an electrically powered tool, it comes on automatically when the tool is turned on and vacuums up the dust produced.
QUALITY: The remarkably long working life is guaranteed by the use of high quality materials such as the stainless steel drum and chassis and head in plastic resistant to damage and shock.
PRODUCTIVITY: Available in a range of sizes with one, two or three motors to satisfy every need, from the smallest, most compact and lightweight to medium large, strong and powerful models with pivoting drum. The former are perfect for cleaning car interiors and small areas, while the high tank capacity of the latter makes them ideal for industrial premises and cleaning professionals. The length of the electric cable and hoses supplied gives them an operating range of about 11 metres for a work area of a full 380 m².
Our whole range of vacuum cleaners has been designed to vacuum up both solids and liquids. Thanks to the standard or optional accessories, our carpet washers can also be turned into powerful vacuum cleaners.
SAFETY: All wet and dry vacuum cleaners and carpet washers are built with the emphasis on safety, with double insulation on the motors and special filtering systems to enable traditional dust to be vacuumed with complete peace of mind. An additional filtering system can also be installed (optional accessory) for vacuuming up fine and/or dangerous dust.